Poldark’s Cornwall News

Introducing the Best Places to Visit in Cornwall

America Loves Cornwall – bringing you the best places to visit in Cornwall The best places to visit in Cornwall are not always the obvious ones. For many years we have been running successful and unique tours and vacations of Poldark filming locations. And it has become clear that America […]

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The Magic of Poldark is back! Series 4 is coming

The BBC announced to great fanfare this week that the magic of Poldark will be back on our screens (in the UK at least) on June 10th. The long anticipated next run of our much loved Cornish period drama even begins with a sequence that many of Aidan’s Maidens will love! […]

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Aidan’s Maidens make it to the Metro

News from Aidan’s Maidens! So this happened today following The Daily Mail’s idiocy! http://metro.co.uk/2016/09/24/aidans-maidens-to-the-rescue-poldark-fans-defend-turner-after-flipping-out-claim-6150288/?ito=twitter If you want the real #GossOnRoss with Karen Colam, tune in to The Debbie McRory show on BBC Radio Cornwall each Monday at 3.30pm . Sorry Liam, next post!!

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Lost count of Days.. I Made it! and back Alive (I may need to be captured again..just to make sure, you understand)

It was an adventure, the Annie’s were never seen again but then that may have been because the cast and crew retreated en Masse to a new encampment and no more cake was required. Even before they’d left, we had received intelligence of their next possible advance.  Almost simultaneously I […]

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