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Introducing Karen Colam

Karen is not known as “Mrs Poldark” for nothing. Her home overlooks Nampara and she walks on Hendrawna Beach daily with her dogs (neither is called Garrick).

Evidence of the huge mining complex that was Wheal Leisure can be found throughout her home village of Perranporth; the “Sawle” of Graham’s novels and indeed one chimney still stands.

She lives in an old mine captain’s house which was, like Nampara, also a farmhouse and would have been overlooked by a mine where Winston sited his “Wheal Grace”.  

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Tours and Holidays

When you roll up your jeans and wade through the turquoise surf to explore the secretive world of a genuine smugglers’ tunnel hidden in the rugged cliffs.

When you venture below ground to investigate a UNESCO World Heritage Cornish mine.

When you experience the wind on the cliff top where Ross and Demelza shared so many of their most tender moments:

That’s when you know you are in Poldark’s Cornwall.

You’ve imagined paddling in the crystal clear waters where Ross bathed, or feeling the soft white sand of the dunes where Caroline and Dwight raced on horseback. Now you can experience it.

And while you are here immerse yourself in the romance of Cornish heritage and the rise and fall of its mineral wealth, and see some of Cornwall’s other showstopping sights.

Walk the sea wall and board a square rigged tall ship at the harbour featured in Poldark.

See the actual stately homes of the titled families who star in Poldark and who shaped the Cornwall we see today, maybe even attend one of our famous costumed banquets or balls there.

Stand where Ross and Dwight shared a glass of canary at Julia’s christening or look out from the iconic porch at Nampara over the field where Andrew and Francis duelled.

You will even walk through the yard at Nampara – with real Poldark livestock still resident – and run up a lane in a re-creation of Prudie’s call for help; places are limited, so book now to get the dates you want.

Part of the charm of Cornwall is its small hotels and undeveloped coastline. This means that we do not have unlimited availability for accommodation.  Poldark’s Cornwall has partnered with a number of hotels that have been tried and trusted by our guests, so call us to discuss your dream location and accommodation and we will do our best to fulfil your desires.

Live the Drama, Create Your Story.

Important Stuff

There is no substitute for local knowledge, so call us before you book.

UK residents:

Before you visit, do call us or book a call back so we can use our expertise to advise you and help you have a great journey to Poldark’s Cornwall.

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Guests from Overseas

Visiting the UK for the first time?

You may be visiting Cornwall as part of a more extensive trip to the UK. We recognise how daunting international travel can be.  

There is a bewildering amount of websites out there offering to take the sting out of your arrangements, and they all offer to make it a seamless experience for you.  

To ensure that we know you will get the best help in every aspect of your precious vacation, we have partnered with travel experts the world over.  

We can offer you the same personal door to door service you expect from your local travel agent, but with the added advantage of being the number 1 professional touring and accommodation agency specialising in vacationing in Cornwall.  

Knowing the UK as we do, we advise on all extended visits whether you want to stay here in the South West or all the length and breadth of the country on your own bespoke “Brit Lit” or “Brit Drama” adventure.  

Cornwall can be accessed by road, rail, air or even sea. 

We will arrange flights, ferries, trains, rentals, transfers and accommodation for you and make sure everyone knows of your arrival and your requirements in advance.  

All you need to do is pack your bags, water the plants and make sure someone is looking after your pets!  

We will do the rest. 

Give us a call or book a consultation with us, and let the magic unfold.

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Seasoned Travellers

Returning to the UK?

Book a phone consultation with us to discuss routes and dates.  We may find you an interesting weekend in Dublin “en route” for example, or maybe even a visit to see some of Outlander’s Scotland.

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