Pining for Poldark?

It’s a funny limbo sort of day, Wednesday. It’s got it’s own nickname “Hump Day” which is nonsense! Slump Day would be worse of course but the fact is its three days since the last Poldark and another three till the next one! It’s the most Poldark free day of the week and that not good! It’s also three days since Aidan’s Maidens made the headlines which is possibly neither good nor bad but I find myself feeling the need to further promote us!  Shall we get a manager? Shall we hire a tour bus? Do we need to set up self help groups internationally where we can all sit in a circle and talk about tricorns and Irish stallions! .. I mean the horse!!!

It’s also getting close to filming on location finishing and Cornwall will return to its usual sleepy self and batten down the hatches for a wet and windy winter ahead. I’m filling my weeks with talks to interested groups and tours regardless of the weather.   So, what will Aidan’s Maidens do now I wonder? Perhaps someone could suggest a follow up activity? I’m not out of ideas but am aware that some of my suggestions might be slightly off the wall!

Looking forward to visiting the studios next month with some lucky Maidens who made winning bids in the auction at the Poldark Balls, so that will be a highlight but today it’s all a bit “Hump Day ish”, so here’s a picture of a mossy hump I took yesterday in the woods on the way to watch some filming and a featured image of a camel auditioning for Seamus’s stunt double!

Mossy hump in Poldark's Cornwall

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