A Poldark Film Unit Guide to Cornwall Locations.

Film locations can by tricky in Cornwall… A quick aide memoir if you’re lost!

Something has occurred to me, the film crews are not local! In traversing  Cornish lanes and navigating their way around around our picturesque land to their locations they may be having a nightmare of a time manoeuvring their convoy if making the common mistake of using their Sat Navs (GPS’s to my distant readers!).

So here’s a quick guide to finding your way around our locations:

Tresomething: ancestral house owned and lived in by the Poldark’s first son. Somewhat difficult to find as it may have been moved stone by stone to Glocestershire but an original version has been left down a lane near Newsomething and the National Trust are keeping it open just in case you may want to use the barn for your wrap party.

Tresomethingelse:  a grand estate owned by the Boscawen family and seat of Lord Falmouth. Almost entirely inaccessible except via a single track where on a scouting mission last October this happened to my car. Although I don’t think it was a deliberate obstruction to my progress but it effectively halted it and all other traffic for some time! Do not use if catering unit is required that day. Send out for pasties to be delivered on horseback. A great tea stop however as they seemingly grow a bewildering amount of it!

locations in cornwall
Port Something: a sishtseeing visit for days off  filming to see where Doc Martin was filmed by another unit.

Somethingporth: Where Winston Graham actually wrote the Poldark novels, containing loads of completely accessible and literarily accurate locations but fraught with ice cream licking tourists well into the Autumn months so requiring of an immeasurable number of security personnel. Although providing employment potential for all two thousand locals would be a popular move, rumour has it that Aidan’s Maidens HQ may be hereabouts so be cautious and bear autographed photos during all sorties to bribe them.

Porthsomething: A headland where lots of coastal scenes are filmed.

Porth: A popular beach somewhere on the way between Somethingporth and Porthsomething.

Porthsomethingelse: a small inlet with a steep slipway, suitable for skinny dipping and voyeuristic activity scenes (watch out for resident seals!)

St. Something: a once thriving mining community now a favourite domiciliary for hospital consultants due to its proximity to Tresomething-near-Truro. Features a quaint little valley climbing street of old miners cottages called St.Ippy St.Appy. Too cute!! Loads of pubs! Useful.

St. Something Head: a clifftop rocky outcrop with excellent northern light for late evening shoots of emotionally charged cliffhangers ( quite literally!)and single distant lighthouse if clear to the west. Complete with camera crew hardstanding at improbable positioning! Not to be confused with..

Something Head: a clifftop rocky outcrop with excellent northern light for evening shoots of emotionally charged cliffhangers and a choice of two lighthouses.

St Somethingelse: a far west once thriving mining community featuring a centrally located Co-Op and terrible parking. Very handy for Wheal Somethings. Some pubs but used to be a stronghold for Wesleyans so you have to creep into them incognito.

Wheal Something: a vast array of disused mine engine houses running up and down the duchy, although having found one suitably located it may feature as a range of different Wheal Somethings from different angles, for unit convenience! Also within easy reach of buildings suitable for use as Tresomething Rolling Mill.

Pensomething: a south coast town at the end of the mainline train route for the transportation of additional crew and security personnel.

Pensomething Cove: a small fishing inlet with thoughtfully placed stream for random acts of eighteenth century household chores such as laundry. Difficult to find and impossible to reach by anything larger than a rickshaw.

Something Cove and Somethingelse Cove: forming a dual beach location possibility with differing aspects and sea states despite being actually next to one another.  Great for night shoots, if you can find them.

Something Point: (might be “Snake”?)southerly tip of the U.K. great for shipwrecks if you can get the lighthouse turned off!

Hope this helps guys! If someone could please hand a copy of this to A.T. ( Liam, please tell him it’s a prop) He was struggling to recal one or two Porthsomethings on Thursday! But he did have a lot of lines to learn!

Sending out reconnaissance party to TrePenPolPorthSomething now.   Our cover may be blown forever now as we made it into Cosmopolitan yesterday!

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