Introducing the Best Places to Visit in Cornwall

America Loves Cornwall – bringing you the best places to visit in Cornwall

The best places to visit in Cornwall are not always the obvious ones.

For many years we have been running successful and unique tours and vacations of Poldark filming locations.

And it has become clear that America loves Cornwall!

So we have been working round the clock to set up a sister company. A new venture that will not only allow you to live the drama of Poldark. But one that will also show you the other best places to visit in Cornwall.

For unique destinations that will transport you back in time. And unrivalled heritage and culture famed the world over.

We have curated outstanding experiences just for you.

Because America Loves Cornwall.

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America Loves Cornwall will be providing tours of Cornwall, of course. It will showcase the best Cornwall walks. It will be selecting only the amazing places to stay in Cornwall.

Already scheduled are incredible commemorative experiences which will also incorporate our 5 star rated Poldark location tours.

These unique destinations include timeless seascapes and rugged coastlines to immerse you in our authentic heritage, culture and scenery. All the while you can be assured of luxury and comfort in both transport and accommodation.

We will help people explore everything that makes Cornwall a stand-out destination that is famed the world over.

With our unique knowledge we have identified all the best experiences for you as a visitor and created bespoke packages along with “Off The Peg” itineraries for independent travellers and small visitor groups. As a result, you take home wonderful memories and rare experiences without the stress of organising an itinerary.

So whether you want to be immersed in the real-life settings of Poldark’s Cornwall or perhaps trace your lineage to the mining communities of latter day Cornwall. Fact and fiction become inexorably intertwined with our expert hosts and engaging storytellers.


Some of the best places to go in Cornwall are already proving popular with US customers planning to visit in 2019:

Mayflower 400 Tours

Mayflower 400

America Loves Cornwall is proud to be an Official Tour Operator of accredited Mayflower 400 tours and itineraries. Find out how you can commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower voyage. Explore the events, cultural perspectives, hardships and losses that occurred during this remarkable time.

D-DAY Commemoration events, tours and holidays

d-day commemorations cornwall

June 6th 2019 will witness the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings, the turning point of WW2. Thousands of American troops, armour, equipment and supplies were ferried from locations in Cornwall to the battlefields of northern France. As well as tours and vacations themed around these important locations, we have organised an exclusive special celebration to commemorate the lives of the brave and fearless.

Great Gardens of Cornwall tour

America Loves Cornwall are proud to announce exclusive tour partnership for the world famous Great Gardens of Cornwall. The gardens of the great estates of Cornwall are unique in their history and creation. Many have links to the great plant hunters of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Healey Story

Daydreams, adventures, passion and invention – the Healey’s story is one well worth telling. Come with us to visit the home of Cornish Cyder, Cornish Juice and a successful vineyard. It is also home to the direct descendants of the great Donald Healey, inventor of the famous ‘Austin Healey’ car.

‘Doc Martin’ Tour

TV drama tour (including King Arthur’s Cornwall and “Foodie Heaven”) – tours of the highlight locations of the hit series including Port Isaac (home of fictional village of Portwenn), Port Gaverne, Tintagel, Rock, Padstow and more, with stays at local hotels and meals at the finest restaurants of the North Cornwall coast.

‘Delicious‘ Tours

Staying at Pentillie Castle, the real location for “The Penrose” Hotel) A tour of the locations used in the show, staying at the “Penrose” and sampling some of Cornwall’s finest local produce.

Cornish Methodism Tours

John and Charles Wesley’s arrival in Cornwall in 1743 was a part of a global evangelical awakening. Their message was enthusiastically accepted by Cornish communities and by 1750 Methodist societies had been established in 30 of the mining communities in the west. The movement has spread throughout the British Empire, the United States, and beyond. Today there are approximately 80 million adherents worldwide

Cornwall Spiritual Tours

Cornwall once formed part of the ancient Celtic kingdom of Dumnonia, and is steeped in myth and folklore. Find out about the Cornish pixies, the “knockers” who live in the mines and deep underground places, and the mermaids who dwell in our seas. Cornwall was also the birthplace of King Arthur. Many legendary events from his life are said to have taken place here.

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At America Loves Cornwall we select the best places to visit in Cornwall. We find and book exclusive accommodation and services that meet our strict standards. This means we can better guarantee a high standard of experience for you. However, that also means places can be very limited. Book now so you don’t miss out on the best places to go in Cornwall.


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