“I was born in London, …But I was Maiden Cornwall” 

Some of the old campaigners have dispersed back to their homelands but there is a small and dedicated force of resistance fighters that remain in Cornwall who have made the most of days off by catching up with laundry, filling freezers with easy cook dinner options that can be passed off at short notice as homemade and drying out their siege clothing. I myself have erected a playhouse in my garden for the grandchildren, said a very tearful fond and final farewell to my cat Zach and have been absolutely knocked down with a feather by my blog and its ensuing press coverage going viral! ( I lied about erecting the playhouse, the adorable and funny Gareth did that for us whilst we drank tea and plied him with pizza and Relentless.). Meanwhile over in the States they have acknowledged that it is finally “fall” officially by nestling into their first episodes of Poldark series 2, accompanied by homemade apple pie! ( pic. Courtesy of Jennifer Saccone, Boston based Maiden)

Poldark's Cornwall Aidan's Maiden apple pie BostonWe have received word that the crew have holed themselves up in a cove with the accessibility of the Khyber Pass and a similar threat of ambush from bandits or opportunist shutterbugs! This afternoon I will be breaking radio silence at 15.30 hours and telling all BBC Radio Cornwall listeners about my trip to the Poldark set last Thursday and my none too subtle acknowledgement of the Maidens on the ridge!  It seems like showing our hand I know but since the Metro ( the leading free commuter newspaper of the capital) has “outted” us publicly as Aidan Turner’s volunteer defence force it seems futile to keep doing stuff in code! On Saturday evening 30,070 people were discussing us simultaneously! AIDAN’s MAIDENS were “trending”.  “Holy Star Gazey Pie, Batman!”!!!!!

Tomorrow I will be getting those binoculars out again in the company of Maidens, one Maiden is an expert on coastal bird life. May as well learn something whilst we admire from afar! Might as well be counting chuffing choughs!

Liam, if you’re reading this, you’re not working! Ha ha! No, Liam, not what I was going to say really!  I come bearing gifts from a Galavant fan, we will need to arrange a secret rendezvous or again we would accept you sending a very special envoy… Preferably on horseback with or without tricorn, hair down, blowing provocatively in the wind, coat tails aloft on the breeze, you get the general idea!!

Roger and out……

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