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Lost count of Days.. I Made it! and back Alive (I may need to be captured again..just to make sure, you understand)

It was an adventure, the Annie’s were never seen again but then that may have been because the cast and crew retreated en Masse to a new encampment and no more cake was required. Even before they’d left, we had received intelligence of their next possible advance.  Almost simultaneously I […]

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HRT and a pint of Guinness. A story from a wall, somewhere near some mines in West Cornwall ……. With a miniature film crew in the distance! 

Yes, it’s official. We’re all mad! Admittedly, some madder than others but to a greater or lesser degree universally certifiable! I am of course referring to Aidan’s Maidens, a gorgeously bonkers group of women of varying ages but with a definite post menopausal bias.  Today we sat on a wall […]

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