Autumn in Cornwall – a great time to visit

When Autumn Comes to Poldark’s Cornwall

Autumn in Cornwall brings with it nature’s great and beautiful masterpieces. It’s difficult to take a bad picture when every colour invades the lens.

Autumn in Cornwall

In Cornwall we usually have a languid transition from summer to fall but this year has been somewhat of an exception in every way. The heady heatwave of summer had us sweltering in sustained temperatures that we haven’t experiences for decades. The sea was warm enough to swim in every day without the sharp intake of breath that usually accompanies the first wave hitting one’s midriff and it was easy to walk home afterwards without anything other than a towel and be dry by the time you got there.






Autumn in Cornwall

None of these things sort to do anything to dispel the illusion of Cornwall as a magical place! It was truly magical and magnificent. So now we get reflective and romantic and start to appreciate the third season. Autumn in Cornwall, like an ardent lover, arrived too quick (paraphrase that yourself !!). One moment we were still wondering how long we could leave out the fancy new rattan garden furniture and the next we were rescuing outdoor chairs and tables and reattaching the wisteria after Autumn announced its arrival in spectacular fashion, complete with storm force winds and driving rain.





Autumn in Cornwall

Blackberries and Sloes were early to arrive and early to shrivel in the drought and the arboreal fruits have been significantly reduced this year after the sudden and unexpected snowfall in March killed the early blossoms but Autumn here is the time when Cornwall prepares for its Winter Atlantic onslaught.





Autumn in Cornwall: Preparing for the Atlantic Onslaught

Autumn in Cornwall

The named storms that will batter our cliffs and drive spring tides over our sea defences. The storms that remind us all that we are tiny and insignificant and exert no influence over Mother Nature. She will kick our arses every time we try to mess with her. So why not come and see Cornwall’s natural dramatic live show over the coming winter. Wellies a must, head to toe waterproofs a precaution and maybe your “bathers” just in case a mad moment to commune with natures greatest element overtakes you as it has me every now and again!

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