Following Poldark? The Uncontrollable Flash Flood!

It’s been a hectic year so far for Poldark’s Cornwall and our followers and now we can give you more of what you want.  So far following Poldark series 3 being filmed we have watched (from a respectful distance) the cast on Holywell Beach, above Hawkers Cove near Padstow and more than once at St Agnes Head.  It has been as dramatic and moving as the Cornish weather that has both blessed and plagued us in our quest.  Let me tell you about the funniest.  To view the filming of the stunt riding on the north Cornwall coast above Hawkers Cove we trudged a mile or so along the cliff path. It was cloudy but clement and the scene was being filmed both from the ground and with the added drama of aerial shots from a helicopter.  My guests had enjoyed an exclusive visit to the moorland farm used as Nampara (Ross and Demelza’s home) in the morning and some had even donned period costume to add to the magic. On our way home we spotted some signs of filming and decided to see if we could augment our day out with a little glimpse of what was going on.  It’s worth mentioning that we had a boot full of Balmaidens costumes at the time, not having had time to take everything to the cleaners after the Poldark Ball the previous weekend.

We were rewarded with distant views of Atkinson’s Action Horses thundering over the clifftop until the crew unexpectedly grounded the chopper. At that moment we watched the sky turn black in a scene which reminded me of the doom laden climax of the movie Independence Day when the alien ship fills the sky and everything went dark except for a ring of light on the horizon. It was dramatic but we then realised we had no chance whatsoever of making it back to the car before the rain hit. It hit hard! Like water bombs thrown from a public school roof in fact! Instantly soaked to the skin and cold we trudged back to the vehicles to find one of our party had already escaped the deluge. Good for them we thought!  We were in fact so completely wet through, cold and hungry that we determined to strip off.  The only available change of clothes were the Balmaidens costumes in the boot so we stripped off in the lay-by and donned the 18th century attire and tried to make them look as present day as possible.  This would have been unnecessary if we’d have been heading for the privacy of home but we desperately needed sustenance so we headed for a busy Padstow where we fitted in very well if they’d have been in the midst of a fishwives festival!

There are times when you just have to behave as though this is what one does in a daily basis, so we went for a cuppa and nattered away together without even acknowledging the curious glances we received.  There was still no sign of our escapee party so I called them to make sure they were OK. They were in fact in a rather worse state than we were.  In an effort to make it back to car before the rain they had slipped in a field and got covered in mud from head to toe and were presently heading west to their hotel in their underwear, hoping against hope that they weren’t pulled over for a spot check on their tyres!

Padstow it seems is used to such antics and the locals didn’t bat an eyelid and my hope is that visitors will be suitably intrigued and travel this way again to see the madness that is Cornwall in the grip of Poldark fever.  Just so as you know, I have been asked since if I can make fully costumed visits to locations a permanent feature of my Poldark tours!  I’m working on it.

Poldark Locations NamparaPoldark locations Nampara

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