Our Response to Coronavirus Covid-19

Firstly, we wish to extend our sympathies to anyone suffering with or impacted by the current pandemic. The industry as a whole is set to change and we fully intend to be here offering the best service and products when the global calamity passes. During the past few weeks, the […]

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The Best of Cornwall

This week we had the best of Cornwall. Is it the end of this season, or the beginning of the next one? The past couple of weeks have seen an immense climatic shift but still have shown us the best of Cornwall. We’ve had storms, driving rain, bitter cold wind, […]

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Our Poldark Tours: the best in Cornwall

People Think Our Poldark Tours are the Best in Cornwall From the moment you book one of our Poldark Tours you can rest assured you will have the most complete and fully immersive Poldark experience available. Starting the day where Winston Graham was inspired to create our favourite story and […]

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Winter in Cornwall

Winter in Cornwall Means Storm Watching Respect the Water!  It’s a familiar maxim to those living near the coast. The RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute) stickers and posters adorn every door and window in our community.  Every winter in Cornwall, though, the water demands just that bit more respect than […]

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A Bespoke Cornwall Tour with Karen Colam: Now Available

Get 1-1 attention by booking a bespoke Cornwall tour with Karen Colam By popular demand, we are introducing a brand new offer for 2018-19: a bespoke Cornwall tour with Karen Colam. We will draft up for you your very own itinerary and exclusive one-to-one tour guidance, advice and hospitality with […]

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When did Poldark suddenly grab the next generation?

“Don’t give me any clues or spoilers please”! Those were my 28 year old daughter’s words this morning on arrival at my house after a night shift, to take her children to school. I remember how on starting PoldarksCornwall.com she was the first person who first raised her eyes to […]

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