Our Response to Coronavirus Covid-19

Firstly, we wish to extend our sympathies to anyone suffering with or impacted by the current pandemic.

The industry as a whole is set to change and we fully intend to be here offering the best service and products when the global calamity passes.

During the past few weeks, the small family team at The Residence at Bolenna has been following government and WHO advice on what we hoped would be a strategy and risk assessment that would encompass all the health and safety aspects required for keeping our little bit of heaven safe, clean and welcoming for our guests as well as for our team members.

In no way could any of us have anticipated the Armageddon of “perfect storm” negative indicators to befall a fledgeling hospitality business such as ours.

We have therefore thrown away the risk assessment and are now committing to an accelerated level of hygiene that includes 72-hour lockdown of our rooms post checkout to protect our staff whilst any potential residual contamination neutralises, regular disinfecting of all so-called “high touch” areas and objects and just in case you still feel any cause for unease we are making antiseptic and disposable paper roll available for anyone who wishes to treble check by giving things an extra wipe over themselves.

We won’t be offended, in fact we will probably be doing it ourselves elsewhere!

We are closely monitoring our own health and taking our temperatures daily in order to immediately self-isolate for the required minimum of 14 days.

We ask our guests to be vigilant and to protect both themselves and our wider visitor population by following a similar regime and we are happy to offer late notification of a need to postpone or defer a visit to us should anyone feel that to take their stay with us at the present time would not be in the interest of the greater good.

Open-ended deferments of all tour and hotel stays are being granted for at least 12 months from the date of your anticipated arrival but no refunds may be sought from us directly.

Personal travel insurance should be able to reimburse those who are unable to book for the future, although we all hope this will be just a short postponement for most. We are following all guidelines issued by the tourist board Visit Cornwall and keep in regular contact with the authorities for updates and advice.

Our returning guests know us as loving and caring and for the present we will be expressing this in uncharacteristic fashion by learning to curb our inner instincts to physically embrace and, as a result, we will be giving lots of Jazz Hands, Namaste, and self-hugs.

We will continue to serve drinks and food for the present and have reduced our table capacity to extend social spacing.

On all dry days we will serve outside as much as possible.

Cornwall to date has had relatively low negative contagion but we are mindful that to remain healthy and safe we must go over and above to protect our valued visitors.

Stay safe and keep in touch. Over next few months we will all need reassurance and the best of humanity to keep positive and hopeful for a brighter future very soon.

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