When did Poldark suddenly grab the next generation?

“Don’t give me any clues or spoilers please”!

Those were my 28 year old daughter’s words this morning on arrival at my house after a night shift, to take her children to school.

I remember how on starting PoldarksCornwall.com she was the first person who first raised her eyes to heaven and told me I was probably alone in wanting to live every second of the 18th century costume drama for real right-here-right-now. What had changed? Apart from the fact that every shop displays pictures of Aidan Turner in a tricorn, which my little granddaughters refer to with an almost absurd familiarity:

“Look Bibi (that’s me, .. long story!), there’s Aidan!”, like they last encountered him over breakfast sipping coffee, (Yes, that’s me too, having small flight of fantasy).. back to the blog:

A couple of hours later whilst I was preparing for my broadcast on BBC Radio Cornwall for the weekly Poldark Probe, I started to get messages from her kike this one:

“Well, he took no prisoners on the beach did he??!! (Shock-face emoji, shock-face emoji, in-love face emoji, in-love face emoji, bicep emoji-bicep emoji, fist emoji, fist emoji)!”

Next generation of Poldark fans

To start with I wondered if maybe Radio Cornwall presenter Laurence Reed was causing trouble for the Perranporth Gardens Charities again and was vox-popping his way through the beach promenade car-park complaining about Parking Charge Notices!! Then I realised she was taking time out of the most incredible weather ever to sit indoors and watch Poldark (Season 4 Episode 3).

The messages increased in frequency:

“Who is that creep sniffing around Elizabeth?” I obliged with my sadly encyclopedic knowledge of the characters followed by: “he’s a right sleaze (vomit-face emoji!)”




“Ozzie’s odious mother is perfectly cast, she has the exact facial expression that he does” (I can’t wait to tell Christian Brassington and Rebecca Front that their back-story characterizations have worked out exactly as they hoped and that’s without Holly reading the press pack info either!)


Next generation Poldark fans

Then came the message that proved that Poldark has a new confirmed following and life will go on! She referred to it as…


I am pretty certain that word has never escaped her mouth before! Don’t get me wrong, she is extremely eloquent and with an immense vocabulary, much of which is suited to after the watershed, but that fact that she has now hailed Poldark as ENRAPTURING fills my heart with ever so slightly posh middle class literary pride!

She also went on to enquire about the issue with baby Sarah, but I wanted to keep it on an ENRAPTURED level so I sent her a photo of the tubes of Factor 50 I’d just bought for their holiday somewhere hotter than Cornwall, and possibly even hotter than hell! I am however left with the reality that my tattooed, Viking girl, single mum-of-two, working, baseball cap wearing, would-be-teenage-boy daughter is utterly in love with Poldark!

There’s hope yet!

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