Poldark Locations in Cornwall: All You Need to Know

Poldark’s Cornwall: All the locations (Part One)

(A quick guide to perhaps read whilst stuck in the car on the A30!)

The question I am asked the most about Poldark Locations is “Can it be found easily?”

The answer to most is of course “Yes” as long as you’re OK with driving down extremely high-hedged narrow winding lanes, are pretty confident about reversing long distances if you happen to meet something coming from the other direction, and both of these are trumped by: being able to find them and, of course, whether or not it is private property and special permission needs to be sought.

For obvious reasons I am sticking to the wonderful Cornish locations featured and here they are:


The homely farmhouse occupied by Ross and Demelza Poldark and their family. This beautiful private farm has been on Bodmin Moor since the 12th century.

Poldark Locations, Poldark's Cornwall, Nampara, The Magic of Poldark

If you want to visit Nampara, you can ONLY do so with Poldark’s Cornwall



So many famous screen moments have taken place here, such as: The duel between Francis and Blamey from S1 in the meadow in front of the house. Ross and Dwight toast Julia’s christening in the garden. Demelza vents her wrath with Ross in the farmyard following his night away with Elizabeth. So many scenes have been shot here that a visit will literally transport you to each and every tender and dramatic moment in their tempestuous passionate relationship. A visit to Nampara is always the highlight for every one of our guests. It is just so special, timeless and unique.

Poldark Locations, Poldark's Cornwall

Canary, anyone? Poldark at Nampara. Image courtesy BBC





There is only one way to do this. It is strictly private and can only be visited by prior arrangement with us at Poldark’s Cornwall. We liaise with the owners to arrange a mutually convenient time for your visit that does not negatively impact the workings of the farm and will personally conduct the tour there with you. Do call us on +44(0)1872 309 866 or email us Enquires@poldarkscornwall.com or follow this link to book now



Perhaps the most accessible of the Poldark locations and certainly the one with the best selection of restaurants and cafes overlooking the harbour and St Austell Bay.

Poldark Locations, Charlestown

The buildings on the harbour front often feature in the series


Basically everything vaguely maritime related! The harbour doubles as both Truro and Falmouth as ports and is also used for landing small vessels on the beach such as when Ross ventures to St Mary’s on the Isles of Scilly. Verity and Blamey elope on board his packet ship here and the historic ships that have featured are nearly always in port. Capt. Blamey’s cottage is also here and was featured when Demelza visits them in their “Falmouth” home.

A FUN FACT is that the crew sometimes use the harbour for close-up water scenes that have nothing to do with the harbour! See if you can figure out which ones these may be?
S4 SPOILER ALERT! There’s a big scene here involving the historic ship Kajsamoor as a Warleggan owned grain ship and an ensuing riot!!! Watch out for that one!


Poldark Locations

Image courtesy BBC




Charlestown is easily found on the map or by SatNav (GPS), it is just off the A390 between St Austell and Holmbush. If you’re visiting in high season, go early or later in the day – it’s one of the more popular Poldark locations. If you want lunch there we suggest booking in advance with one of the excellent pubs or restaurants. Our recommendation is to park in the car park to the Rashleigh Arms on the left as you descend into Charlestown. Tickets are for 3 hours and cost 50p less than the main car park and you can redeem the value off food and drink at any of the St Austell brewery owned establishments there. You’ll probably be visiting at least one them anyway!

We are delighted to take you on a tour of Charlestown as part of one of our hosted visits. You may wish to see Charlestown and Nampara on the same day? This is entirely do-able, or we could take you to the nearby Eden project or Lost Gardens of Heligan as part of something bespoke. Of course, we can also offer you appropriate accommodation to make accessing all locations really easy.

Why not email us for details: enquiries@poldarkscornwall.com


A tiny working fishing cove cared for by The National Trust. Part of our tour of West Cornwall Poldark locations.

Poldark Locations, Poldark's Cornwall, the Magic of Poldark


Penberth “plays’ the fictional village of Sawle and here you will see the stepping stones where Prudie washes clothes, the stream where Drake has a wash and Sam and Drake’s cottage (which is like Dr Who’s Tardis! Check the inside scenes against the outer dimensions of the building next time you watch). You’ve had romantic moments here between Dwight and Caroline in their early courtship and Rosina and Jacka Hoblyn’s cottage is here too. They trained the rifle volunteers on the slipway here and you’ve seen Jude evading capture at the hands of George’s henchman; Tankard. Ross and Seamus have padded through the stream here on more than one occasion and Demelza crosses the same stream by an ancient stepper bridge. 


To see all the main West Cornwall locations including Penberth, do consider a day tour with us. It does save a lot of time checking maps and wondering of you’ve taken a wrong turning! Penberth is found near the Logan’s Rock pub at Treen, South West of Penzance. Follow the signs towards the Minack theatre at Porthcurno and you have to pass it on the way. It is best to park in the car park beyond the pub and walk down to the cove as turning into Penberth Cove is not for the faint hearted and parking is severely restricted. Vehicles are not permitted all the way down to the actual fishing hamlet itself and when you see how tiny it is, you’ll appreciate why!

Part two of Poldark Locations is here!

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