Poldark Locations in Cornwall – Part Two

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We’ve already given you the lowdown in “Poldark Locations Part One” on how to experience the magic of Poldark with visits to “Nampara”, Charlestown and Penberth Cove. Next let’s talk about the vertigo inducing rugged cliffs of the north coast.

Cornwall’s exceptional character is largely illustrated in series’ such as Poldark by spectacular views from clifftops. Here are a few of our favourite clifftop Poldark locations:


The views from this clifftop extend beyond St Ives Bay to the South West and right up to Trevose in the North East on a clear day. It is best viewed in the late afternoon or evening for its kick-ass sunset photo potential! St Agnes also has the real “Stippy Stappy Lane”, Trevaunance Cove and Mingoose. All actual original Poldark references. You would need some time with our resident expert Karen to go off the beaten track and find other local secret Winston Graham reference points, but when you do you’ll be equally amazed as we are at what a true historian he was.


The most iconic scenes filmed here are the tragic farewell to Ross and Demelza’s daughter Julia. Ross’s arrest and marching off to Truro jail at the end of S1 and the beginning of S2. (This also has a lovely aerial shot of the scenic route they marched him via Kynance Cove on the Lizard!). At the end of S2 when Ross and Demelza are watching their friend Dwight sail off with his new commission in the Navy to defeat Napoleon. At least, we think that’s what they were doing. It’s entirely possible they were acting on some disinformation on Napoleon’s whereabouts because they were sailing directly west towards the recently lost colony of America!!


Cautiously!!!! It is very high, as these pictures illustrate when you go in close and see the tiny people on the top. They are safely with one of our local expert hosts and have been given strict instructions where not to walk! Cornwall is extremely rugged and beautiful but much of the northern coastline is peppered with old mines and mining waste and St Agnes Head is no exception. Don’t take risks. Loose stones mean you may slip and fall. It’s a quick way down, but not advised. So, to find St Agnes Head, first find the right St Agnes! (This may sound obvious but there is also a St Agnes on the Isles of Scilly and trying to drive there is to be discouraged unless you have something amphibious able to cope with 27 miles of open ocean.

Poldark Locations St Agnes Head Poldark Locations St Agnes Head Poldark Locations St Agnes Head Poldark Locations St Agnes Head

St Agnes Head is cared for by the National Trust and can be accessed by driving to the seaward side of St Agnes Beacon from the top of the village near St Agnes Museum. The famously well-preserved engine house of Wheal Coates is also on this stretch of the South West Coast Path. After many years of chicaning through potholes that have taken several tyres that we know of, finally they have been filled in so the drive down the lane to access St Agnes Head is good. There are spectacular views of the Cow and Calf rocks just off shore and of Perranporth Beach (the REAL Hendrawna Beach of the books) just up the coast. Keep driving until you run out of road, then park and walk straight to the cliff nearest you.

If this all sounds a bit scary, give us a call and we will send an expert guide to show you where is safest to walk. Call +44 (0)1872 309866. St Agnes Head is part of our North Coast Poldark Locations tour which can be booked here.


This most Neolithic of Poldark Locations featuring cliffscapes of epic proportions is actor Aidan Turner’s declared favourite location. Just a few short craggy miles from Land’s End, Gwennap Head has no vehicular access, (Although Poldark’s Cornwall do have a special arrangement with the landowner for people for whom hiking up the cliff path is asking a bit much of their mobility. Some of the best southerly views can be experienced here and for the intrepid, it is possible to walk all the way to Land’s End or the other way to the Minack headland.


Gwennap Head is where a lot of out-to-sea-brooding is done! It has been shot from many different angles to great effect and “plays” the coastal route between Trenwith and Nampara. SPOILER ALERT: In S4 there is an upcoming scene where Demelza and the children wave Ross off on a coach to his new life as Member of Parliament in far off London. This is also the place where Drake first meets Morwenna.

Poldark Locations Gwennap Head Poldark Locations Gwennap Head

Poldark Locations Gwennap Head

Aidan Turner rides Seamus over heathland on Gwennap Head. (Picture: PA)


Navigate the tiny rural farm lane to Porthgwarra (yes that is THE Porthgwarra, where Aidan got his kit off in S1…!) and then enjoy a little walk onto the beach via the steep slipway where several scenes have been shot including: the famous skinny-dipping scene, the pilchard harvest and Mark Daniels daring escape by sea in the dark. Yes, the tunnel where Ross’s boat: Nampara Girl is stowed is actually there and the landowners have thoughtfully put a rope there to help those a little unsteady on their feet!

If you’d like to do Gwennap Head and Porthgwarra with special access then do call us on +44(0) 1872 309866 for details and advice.


To be continued…

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