What do you mean there are only 24 hours in a day??

A friend of mine has recently joined the 5.00 am club! Now if this sounds like torture to you, you’re not alone! Apparently, if you get up at 5.00 am and do 20 minutes of brisk exercise, followed by 20 minutes of planning and then 20 minutes of learning, after 66 days ( quite specific I thought!) you will find it difficult to sleep in beyond 5.00 am. He’s only a few days in so I can’t confirm if this is yet the case! A teensy problem as I see it is that it only takes you to you 6.00 am, then what? An hour and a half of waiting for the rest of your household to smugly drag themselves downstairs telling you what a wonderful night’s sleep they had, OR… Here’s the really great idea.. Ten minutes to make yourself some healthy breakfast that compliments your new regime, plus five to find the remote that you lost down the side of the couch the previous evening and a whole hour to re-watch an episode of Poldark and still manage to conceal the evidence before they get up! Suddenly there’s a great reason to try this! Alarm set for tomorrow then!

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