Perranporth’s big weekend!

IMG_0376.JPGUnusually for the annual carnival this year we had an evening completely unblighted by rain! Not so the rest of the weekend, but hey as Winston Graham said in book six “The Black Moon”; “The rain, so much a part of the Cornish spring (and summer, and autumn, and winter) had fallen incessantly all day …………And then again like the Cornish spring (and summer, and autumn, and winter) the weather had finally relented”. You seriously never know what the prevailing winds will throw at you on this westerly peninsula!

Saturday evening was a massive celebration of all the reasons so many people flock here to enjoy Winston Graham’s “Hendrawna” (Perranporth) Beach and the vibrant town that has grown up around it.




The Pavilion Boatshed and sister businesses, Haddocks End and  Pavilion Ice were predictably busy but we had time to sample (more than one!) of their carnival Minion cocktails. 

A prosecco based glass of frivolity containing blue Curaçao, Mandarin and Champagne hand made Gelato and topped with whipped cream and decoration! Amazingly yummy and deceptively tipsy making!!  It seemed only right to round off the evening with fish and chips and just to complete the total ditching of the bikini diet we followed it up with Sunday lunch there yesterday.


The amuse bouches were miniature masterpieces and the petit fours at the end of the meal were also a treat fit for any Lilliputian!! Thank goodness they were just a teeny treat at the end as the mains were huge and so well cooked and presented. You will note of course that we stuck with water!! This was largely attributable to the Minion cocktails of the previous evening!



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