Day one Poldarkscornwall.com on tour

It seemed fitting today as the launch day of the website to visit some of our lovely businesses and to have a tour around the immediate environs of the original Poldark’s Cornwall: Perranporth. One of my favourite coves is Trevellas Porth, where back in the 70s they filmed the opening credit sequence of the original Poldark series. Trevellas is a shingle and corse sand beach that is unfriendly to swimmers but much loved by kayakers and coaststeering groups. Now coaststeering may not be everyone’s cup of Rosie but if donning a wetsuit and crash helmet and doing precisely what you’re told by the instructors to avoid being smashed against rocks by the might Atlantic sounds like fun to you, you’re not alone! It looks a total blast and I’ve been talked into it, so more when that occurs. Today’s foray into Trevellas was a far more gentle affair. I visited Blue Hills Tin mine, which is a must for anyone wanting to know how they actually extract this beautiful white metal from grimy black rock and the proprietors there, Mark and his lovely mum will show you just what an arduous process this will have been in the eighteenth century. They produce lovely jewellery and souvenirs that you just can’t get anywhere else and in the most serene of settings it’s difficult to imagine it as the epicentre of a thriving hard core industry. 

Following all this hardship it seemed only right and proper four our tour to move on to lunch at the lovely Willow Bistro on beach road in Perranporth. The seafood Meze was a triumph and made all the better for the glass of Sauvignon Blanc that accompanied it.  New advertisers lining up to join our merry throng so altogether a good first day of showing you what we at www.poldarkscornwall.com know is out there just waiting for you to experience it. Let’s see what tomorrow brings! Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, I met the guys from Koru Kayaking who took the cast and crew of our favourite series out last year so that they could see the remains of the old copper mine here upon which Winston Graham based Poldark’s Wheal Leisure! One degree of separation and all that!! 


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