Anyone for a squirrel? Taste the Rainbow! 

So it seems I’m not alone in a stress condition that results in preparing a word in your head and for an entirely different word actually emanating from my mouth.  My family know I’m feeling stressed not by me getting snappy or withdrawing to my bedroom with a copy of Poldark and a hot water bottle but by entirely random words being replaced by equally random and entirely inappropriate ones.

This morning I found an open bag of Skittles in my bag, ( left over from bribing the grandkids at a wedding yesterday).  “Anyone want a squirrel”? I said. This was met with hilarity and uncontrollable hysterics from my daughters.

I followed this up less than an hour later with recounting a conversation heard about me having quite a bit of fun, and testing the Pinot Grigio stock at the reception venue almost to destruction. Apparently by five o’clock I was “.. Completely off my phone”! ( FYI, I was not! Not by five anyhow)

So today I’m thinking it might be Prudie to get a bit of shopping in, cupboards a bit numpty. You know what I mean? Some of that nice crusty bread by Warleggans and some blueberry puffins.  After that think I’ll cook a full Sunday veggie roast with a Jud of gravy and then I could clear the slippy green Ross off the steps and then slob about till Poldark episode 5 at nine o’clock.  Oh my! I’m suffering from early onset Demelza!

Spectacular views in Poldark's CornwallStep away from the cliff edge crazy woman!

I feel a line from Hamlet coming on “get thee to a punnery”!

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