A Five Bubble Day

Last night on Twitter’s @CornwallHour (7.30-8.30 every Wednesday) we tweeted an amazing aerial view of the iconic Headland hotel overlooking Newquay’s equally iconic Fistral Beach. That tweet is still being shared and favourited and with good reason!

an iconic building inan iconic setting
We decided today we should experience The Headland from a family perspective so we told the children we would go for a swim there.  Firstly this met with some pre-schooler oposition! She wanted to go swimming with a whale! Now, in Cornwall it’s true that whales can be sighted, not often, but possible, however we felt sure that the newly refurbished spa and leisure facilities at The Headland had probably (and hopefully!) Not included the installation of a whale in any part of their beautiful building!  So it seemed like a good game plan to big it up as a real princess castle! It doesn’t disappoint! With turrets and towers and absolutely immense to a three year old, she literally ran up the steps presumably with the excitement of meeting Royalty from Frozen.  To top it off she was presented on arrival with a honeycomb ice cream from local creamery Callestick Farm and her idea of paradise was being met on all sides!  

Neither blonde nor redhead the stunning beautiful lady on the spa reception fulfilled all her expectations as a princess and just to prove her blue blooded origins, she sat under a chandelier that glistened with multi coloured l.e.d filaments. She was sold! The Headland Spa is Cornwall’s first ‘5 Bubble’ awarded spa and it’s an oasis in what is well anything but a desert, in fact one of the most amazing settings imaginable!  

The pool area is lovely, tranquil (at least, it was until we brought in two toddlers!) stunning Cornish salt steam room, aromatherapy showers and water features in the pool that offset the ceiling of stars that canopies the entire area. Getting them out of the pool required some serious bribery! The under-two can be easily bought with a snack but the three year old requires a more careful approach.  ” if we get dressed now, we can go and play on the pirate ship outside!”. Now the only thing that disappointed me in this being so successful was that I couldn’t just wallow in the showers for a good hour, but hey, pick your battles…..eh?! 

The lawns are expansive and immaculate with coastal flowers carpeting the area and the play equipment, built by local company Outdoor Play People (who I have to tell you, have actually built Cornish Mine Engine House styled climbing frames, so here’s my Poldark TENUOUS LINK!) are sturdy, interesting and above all safe enough that you can just relax, take in the view for a minute and realise you are in the environs of the the hotel featured in the film of Roald Dahl’s “The Witches”!

So maybe not quite a Disney princess castle (thank heavens for that!!) but it certainly was a castle fit for an international conventions of the greatest witches in the world and this old witch and her coven had a simply magical day there. Thank you Laura and all The Headland team, especially for the ice cream (love from Maya & Ruby!) 


from here the Huer ( or fish spotter) would call till to fishermen that the pilchards were coming in

The origin of the expression : “hue & cry”!